Student life

FLA students have Arts, Physical and Health Education, integrated, as part of their daily schedule. FLA does not give homework and believes that a child should be free after a long day of learning, to spend quality time playing outdoors or with family. Creative Learning Assignments (CLAs) are sent home each Friday, in order for children to connect learning with real life, on the weekends, with their families and friends.

Karate Piano Guitar Cooking
Swimming Arts & Crafts Dance Soccer


F.L.A students learn to play a variety of instruments. They also learn to read and write musical notes. They learn about famous artists, and world renown composers. They also learn to play several famous compositions. As part of the curriculum, students are encouraged to also compose their own music or song, independently or in a group. Parents are invited to attend their child's recital at the end of the trimester.

Visual arts

F.L.A students are encouraged to get creative in a variety of ways. Some express themselves best through drawing, while others through cutting, pasting, painting, building etc... At F.L.A we motivate our students to express themselves through Art. In observing their work, a lot can be told about their interests and their mind.

Gardening & Cooking

F.L.A students plant their own vegetables and herbs at the beginning of the academic year. Once their vegetables are ready, students pick them to be used in their cooking. Students experience an overall great sense of accomplishment from growing their own plants and as well a sense of independence from cooking their own meals.
We emphasize a lot on safety and hygiene in the kitchen. Students also learn the art of serving and culinary art of presentation.


F.L.A students learn self-discipline, patience, control and self-defence through Karate classes.


F.L.A students learn the different strokes, kicks and technicals of swimming. They also learn to exercise their lungs through breathing activities. Once they have achieved these levels they also begin diving off the dive board and diving lessons.

Mission: To form well rounded and grounded future leaders through teaching honesty, responsibility, self-control, respect, love, team-work and courage.