FLA sincerely believes that the quality of a school system rests on the quality of its teachers and their ability to help students develop the skills required for success during the early years.  The early stages in a child’s life are the foundation and determining factor for forming good habits and guaranteeing success in the future. 


FLA works hand in hand with parents in order to better help students;

~ Learn responsibilities, good manners and proper etiquette.

~ Understand positive discipline and develop patience

~ Appreciate giving and receiving respect


The home and school environment where children are learning must always be safe.  Children should always be respectful and respected, listened to, connected to and involved in the learning experience, as engaged children are better learners.


FLA believes that each child may have many intelligences and it is up to the adults and educators around them to help them identify their inner talent and build on it, following their purpose in life, to achieve exceptional results. FLA’s philosophy is to encourage children to work in line with their natural abilities in order to give them a better sense of direction early on in life. Children also experience a profound sense of purpose when living in harmony with their inner born capacities. 


FLA believes that when parents and educators work together, and use the same language of love, respect, harmony and understanding, there can only be one outcome for their children, and that is success.