In this academic year of 2023-24, we look back and reflect on the past 11 years, since we founded FLA.  We were brought together since 2005, when our children were in preschool and formed a strong friendship.  Although we came from completely different worlds, we found that it was in our differences that we complimented each other. We quickly understood the challenges of being full time working moms and raising children with values, good character, and strong moral and educational foundation. Together, through love and inspiration from our children and each other, we could see how these significant distinguishing features in our upbringing, religion, education…somehow diverged and aligned us on this path to creating Future Leaders Academy.  We are eternally grateful to God for having brought us together for this noble mission.

Khurshid Munshi, mother of three, was raised and educated in Canada where she completed her studies in Education and Child Psychology at the University of Toronto.  She worked as a Project Manager for 5 years in Canada. She has over 18 years of experience in working in Education. She is responsible for researching and updating FLA’s curriculum and grading guidelines. She leads weekly teacher meetings where staff share best practices and discuss the progress of each child on an individual basis. Khurshid Munshi is FLA’s Academic Principal.

Carine Ndaya, mother of four, was born and raised in Lubumbashi and lived in Kinshasa where she completed her studies in Business Administration and Finance Management at the Protestant University of Congo. She was also the Managing Director of a SME in construction.  She has 10 years of experience in a Telecom Company in DRC, and she is the President of the Finance Commission of her Parish, Saint Albert the Great; She is in charge for the Human Resources Administration and Finance management of FLA. Carine Ndaya is the Human Resources and Finance Director of F.L.A.

Patricia Nzushi, mother of four, was raised and educated in Kinshasa, where she completed her studies in Business Administration and Finance Management.  She has over 25 years of experience in Trading and worked for 2 years in CEI for the first Democratic Election in DRC. She has also been the owner of a men’s clothing boutique, Joseph, for the past 10 years. She is the Logistics Director at FLA.

Together we have a beautiful vision for the future of education in Congo, Africa, and the world!