Our history

F.L.A started off as an After School Program in June 2012, for students from all the different Private Schools of Kinshasa. It was a place for students to come and do their homework, and develop their skills in many different areas.
F.L.A offered and continues to offer the following classes; Cooking, Dance, Karate, Arts & Crafts, Swimming, Piano, Guitar, and Soccer.

F.L.A has since transformed into one of Kinshasa's most elite schools, with not only a high quality of education in mind but as well a mission of helping children uncover hidden talents.

Children could discover the joy and value of learning, and have opportunities to quench their thirst for understanding the world through productive activities.

F.L.A has also developed a strong "Going Green” initiative. All students understand the importance of saving our planet and what it means to “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle”.