Timeless Teachings in a Changing World


FLA researches and examines all of the different ways to improve the school system. The complexity of this task is high, however the Programme for International Student Assessment (pisa) makes it now possible to regularly and directly compare the quality of educational outcomes across education systems.

FLA simply looks at the top ten reports of the highest performing countries and what the reports reveal in key subject areas. Based on these reports FLA is able to ameliorate their Teacher Timetables and Curriculum very regularly. The Ontario, Canada Ministry of Education Standards is the foundation of FLA’s Curriculum building.

FLA students learn Reading, Writing & Grammar in three languages! English, French and Spanish Grades 1-8 also have the following classes: Social Studies, History, Geography, Science, Technology Mathematics {Asian curriculum guidelines (Kumon)}

FLA does not only provide parents with a detailed daily account of what lesson their child did every 45 minutes of his/her day. They also provide a rating of his/her performance for each lesson.

E=Excellent R=Review needed

Should parents wish to travel to another country in the future, all they will need from FLA is a Transfer/Leave Certificate.

The FLA Certificate is recognized internationally.